Repair Free Rentals – The Complete Series

Repair Free Rentals – The Complete Series

In a series of weekly Blogs Builder and Landlord Rich Greenland told us how to build or refurbish our property so that it will need the minimum of maintenance.

In this post I present the links to all the blogs in this series – bookmark this page and use it as your reference to how to make your rental property a low cost one.



Fire Prevention.

Annual Pre-emptive Maintenance.

Alternative Double Glazing

Devious Damp

Clamping down on condensation.

Penetrating Damp Prevention for Rental Property.

Stamping out Damp on Floors in Rented Flats.

Durable Outside Decorating for Rented Flats

Why a Building Inspector Doesn’t always Assure Quality-Control.

Why a Surveyor’s Report Doesn’t Always Tell the Whole Story.

Repairing Flat Roofs

Retaining Good Tradesmen – Bonus Blog.

Avoiding Problems with Flat Roofs

Getting and Retaining Tradesmen to Work on your Rental Property

Removing Artless Artex from Rental Property

Robust but Classy Decorating in Rental Flat.

Devious Decorating Tips for Flat Walls.

Central Heating that won’t cost the Earth

Smart Floors in Rental Flats

Flat out to keep bathroom floors flat in Rental Property!

Don’t get floored by unsuitable floor coverings.

Terrific Taps in Rental Property.

High spec fans and low rent vents

Kitchen Cabinets

Classy Kitchen Cabinets

Don’t Get Sunk by a Bad Choice of Sink!

Worktops that Won’t Wear Out.

Wetroom Wonderland

Get a Grip on your Grouting!

Sorting the Shower Screen (and the curtain pole, towel rail, loo roll holder…)

The key to long-lasting tiling.

Futureproofing your bathroom

Thinking your Way to Low Maintenance Flats


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