Refurbishing a Flat with Too Much Kitchen!

Refurbishing a Flat with Too Much Kitchen!

The last blog was about fitting the bathroom and the kitchen. I normally decorate before fitting the kitchen as it’s easier and less messy that way, but I fitted the kitchen carcasses and worktops first this time as the new plaster was still wet. I’m onto the finishing-off stages now, I’ve left the doors and end panels off the kitchen to make the painting easier, and I’ve done most of the tiling.

Too much kitchen!

I did make one silly error in that I fitted too much kitchen! My other flats have all been two-beds or large one-beds with separate kitchens, so I’ve got used to them needing a decent number of units for storage etc. This is a small one-bed with a kitchenette in the lounge. Kitchenette being the operative word – not kitchen! Too many units take up too much space and can restrict the living area. In the first photo the kitchen carcasses cover two walls. However when I got estate agents in, they both said the same thing – the kitchen is too big, where are they going to put sofas and chairs or a TV? So three of my carcasses and the worktop that I’d just jig-jointed had to come out. Several of the electrical sockets also had to be moved. So a lesson learned for me.

Less kitchen

The second photo shows the left hand carcasses removed and the worktop re-fitted, three electrical sockets in the corner where there was only one, the tiling progressing and a length of white flex to supply the immersion tank. This is installed in the brown cupboard in the corner, which slots into a hole in the wall between the kitchen and bathroom. I did this because there are few other places to put it in such a small flat, and it needs to be high to generate enough water pressure. The 4” x 2” timber stud wall is strong enough to support the weight and lift it clear of the worktop space. I’ve been doing all my own plumbing up to now, but I got a plumber in to connect the immersion tank. There were four pipes coming out of it and no instructions. My usual position is that if any job is likely to involve a lot of chin-scratching or more than one attempt, I delegate it elsewhere.

I’ve also plumbed in the electric shower and done most of the tiling in the bathroom.

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