Kitchen Cabinets

I talked about kitchen cabinets last week, and was going to cover taps and hoods this week, but after a number of private emails and questions here I’m adding in a few important addendums. Re. kitchen cabinets, many landlords buy second-hand kitchens on ebay. Having fitted these myself

Classy Kitchen Cabinets

In the last post I talked about how appropriate choice of sink could have a bearing on the longevity of your worktops. Now I’m going to consider kitchen cabinet units. Actually there’s really not much choice with these as all the major manufacturers make them of melamine (plastic)

Worktops that Won’t Wear Out.

Last week I talked about the advantages of wetrooms for minimising maintenance costs in rented properties. This week I’m moving onto kitchens. One of the most troublesome items in any kitchen is the worktop. Formica/ chipboard worktops are temporary at best, and not always cheap either. Water will inevitably

Wetroom Wonderland

Last week I discussed grouting tiles in kitchens and bathrooms, this week I’ll look at wetrooms, as I consider them (in the right place) to be a low-cost and low-maintenance bathroom that is also a great selling (and renting) point for any property. Everyone loves a wetroom, tenants

Get a Grip on your Grouting!

Last week I covered the reasons why shower screens, curtain poles, loo-roll holders etc frequently come adrift from walls in tenanted properties, and how to prevent it. This week I’ll look at correct use and choice of grout, both for ease of application and durability. There are several

Futureproofing your bathroom

Bathrooms are a constant drain on resources for most landlords, and often the most problematic room in any flat. But many of the problems can be easily prevented by being pro-active, anticipating further problems, and using the correct materials when performing repairs. So, next time the silicone lets

Maintenance of Rented Flats

There is a long running thread on Property Tribes about the high cost of maintaining rental flats with a general consensus that maintenance eats up 30 – 35% of rental income. Routine running repairs, such as replacing the silicone round a shower tray, unblocking a drain or easing