Woodworm is much feared by home-owners and landlords alike, and every year millions of pounds is spent on its eradication. But similarly to Dry Rot, there are alternative methods of treating it. ‘Woodworm’ are actually the larvae or grubs of several species of wood-boring insects, of which the common

Dry Rot

There is a lot of information on the internet about dry rot, and probably even more misinformation. I’ve been told variously that it can move water up to 30 metres from its original source, or that it can’t move water at all. That it can go through solid

Rising Damp, Myths and Reality

There is some controversy about Rising Damp and how it should be treated – and even if it exists at all! If you believe Jeff Howell, the self-appointed ‘UK’s Top Building Expert’, a columnist at the Sunday Telegraph and athttp://www.askjeff.co.uk/rising_damp.html it’s just a marketing myth created by the damp-proofing

The Slowest Refurb Ever!

It’s now early April and the refurb of the flat we bought in early January is still incomplete! It should never take this long but I’m resigned now. It’s only a small job: Muck out, reconnect stolen electric and gas mains, repair front and internal doors after break-ins, re-fit old

The Ebay Eco-Home 2.

A fortnight ago I blogged about a very unusual house I’m helping to build for Mark, and old friend of mine. Most of the work at Mark’s place is being done by Ed, a Polish worker who lives in a caravan on-site and is something of a Polymath. He can

The Ebay Eco-House.

I’m fortunate to be involved with an old school friend who is building a 500 sq. M. eco-home in woods and the disused quarry that houses his vehicle-recycling-plant. He bought the quarry some time ago with seller-finance as the banks wouldn’t touch it. Now he’s bought the disused

My Half-Price Flat in Bristol.

My good friend Sam Collett originally alerted me to this deal in Easton, a ‘culturally diverse’ area in Bristol popular with Somalis, Asians, druggies and alcoholics, as well as slightly bohemian middle-class white people who like the edginess of it. It’s cheap but far from the cheapest part of town.

What Rich is doing Now.

Things have moved on since I began blogging on this site over a year ago. I’m still a landlord, I have thirty years experience as a builder and am still happy to advise and help landlords with building-in low-maintenance to their properties. But my goals have moved on