BOGOF Properties!

90a & 90b Bedminster Down Road, Bristol BS13 7AF. This is a two for the price of one deal I did last year (2014). It came through a professional sourcer who was having trouble shifting it, he’d heard I’d buy anything at the right price but was quite

Valuing a Property.

Please note that I am NOT a surveyor, the following is a property investor’s take on valuation. There are lots of ways to do it, but this is what I do: First go to   and type in the post code. You might need surrounding post-codes if it’s a very

Finishing the Refurbishment.

Richard Greenland I’m onto the final few days of the refurb, odd jobs like finishing the paneling on the bath which needed doing after the décor, and getting rid of the old carpet which had been protecting the floor from splats during re-plastering. The skirting boards can now


Woodworm is much feared by home-owners and landlords alike, and every year millions of pounds is spent on its eradication. But similarly to Dry Rot, there are alternative methods of treating it. ‘Woodworm’ are actually the larvae or grubs of several species of wood-boring insects, of which the common