Richard Greenland

Meet Richard Greenland

Richard started his career as a builder and master-carpenter, and devoted more than 30 years to this craft. This gives him a unique insight into the fabric of buildings which most other property investors lack, hence he can see opportunities where most other investors only see a “risky and dangerous investment”.

He went into property part-time in 2005 and made loads of rookie mistakes, buying old houses to do up one at a time and running out of money between projects. When the housing market crashed in 2008, all his credit lines were withdrawn half-way through a big project.

But “failure was never an option” so with hard work and determination he kept going. After getting some training and finding a mentor he started having some real success. This allowed him to go into property trading full-time in 2014 and he has been trading ever since.

On top of running his property trading company, Richard advises others in the industry and founded a property trading Facebook group with over 24,000 members, currently the UK’s busiest property forum.

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