We find likeminded investors

We connect people with complementary resources and skills (money / time / expertise).


We do all the hard work

We find a great potential property that for some reason won’t sell, remove the obstacles to selling, sometimes a simple case of remarketing through a different platform, or more complex problems such as boundary disputes, obstructive people or title issues.


Solid profit

We aim to minimise risks and sell off the property as soon as possible. In some cases we have almost doubled the price paid with little or no physical works.

Our Goal

Normally property development projects involve considerable works which may drag on for months or longer. Because of that, you don’t get your money back for a long time.

Our goal is to get a return as soon as possible. Therefore, where possible we focus on maximising the returns on time, rather than maximising the profit per deal.

Our Approach

We usually go for “problem properties” – subsidence, no access to view inside, resistant sellers being repossessed, boundary disputes, burn-outs, nightmare neighbours, dry rot etc.

These properties scare novice investors away giving us a clear run to seize the opportunity, often at a very low price.

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